ErP Boilers explained, and what it means to you.

ERP-rating-scaleYou may or may not have heard about the new ErP guidelines and how this change in EU legislation will affect you or your new boiler. In all honesty, the main thing it will do for you is to give you peace of mind and easy access to knowledge about the boiler you are about to buy – which is never a bad thing, right?

In September 2015, the EU have rolled out a directive to say all manufacturers and fitters of Energy related Products (ErP) will have to design and build units which meet certain energy performance criteria, in other words they HAVE TO start using the most energy efficient parts, which will have a greater impact on lowering emissions and helping the environment, in addition to saving you money on your heating bills.

Of course, previously it was easy for cheaper manufacturers to say that their product was energy efficient and just as good as the major brands without the pricetag, however now they can not do this. Why? Because now you are going to know!

Another part of the directive is for all manufacturers and fitters of new boilers will NEED to provide your new boiler with an energy efficiency label – much like you already see on washing machines and fridges. These labels will help you to easily and quickly identify just how energy efficient your new boiler is and extremely quickly to boot. Just one glance at these labels and you will be able to see exactly what you are getting for your money, obviously the higher the rating, the better product which will help cut your heating costs, save you money and lower emissions.

ErP Boiler Label


Hopefully, this little post has helped you glean a little more easy to digest knowledge of the new ErP directive and what it can do for you. As professional boiler fitters Midlands Heating and Plumbing will of course be adhering to the new requirements on labeling, which is why we are pleased that we only fit Valiant and Worcester boilers – there are no issues with energy efficiency with either manufacturer.

For more information on our range of boilers and their energy efficiency please feel free to contact us.