Brimming Full With Boiler Replacements

We have been busy old chaps here at Midlands Heating and Plumbing. Over the past month or so we have been chocked full with fitting replacement boilers all across the Birmingham area. I don’t really know if it is down to our amazing fixed price guarantee, the fact that Vaillant boilers currently have an unbelievable 10 year warranty offer at the minute, or it is just down to the sheer genius of the general public; upgrading and replacing their boilers during the summer when it will cause least disruption. Either way, I am certainly not complaining that we have been rushed off our feet – just making an excuse for not popping by this place to post any updates 😉

We have been seriously busy over the Solihull area, and must have fitted 10 new boilers over there in the past month or so, as well as having lots on in the Kingsheath and Hall Green areas, plus a few trips over to Wolverhampton. I bet if you plotted a map of our activity over the past month you would just see zig zags all across the West Midlands, where we have been back and forth.

I must say it has been great to be boiler fitters and be so busy, particularly at this time of year when you would expect it to be a bit quieter. From what we have seen recently, we do a lot of work in small cluster patches because we are getting an awful lot of recommendations, which I honestly can’t thank our customers for enough. Without that vote of confidence and real recommendation I doubt we would do half of the work we currently have on. It is a real honor to get those referrals because often people will only recommend exceptional service so it is nice to know we are doing our jobs well and all our customers are happy. In fact if you wanted to see just how happy you could check out our testimonial page, to see what they say for yourself.

That about sums up our past few months and what we have coming up in the next few weeks. Although I will take this time to mention if you are interested in the Valliant 10 year extended warranty offer we only have 1 spot left – so contact us now to get that otherwise you will be too late.